Bureau of Meteorology – Sydney Closed Water Forecast
Seabreeze – Sydney forecasts (with 1.5 hour wind strength / direction 1 week ahead)

Australian boating clubs
Team Sydney (parent body for all GLBT sporting clubs, with links to many clubs)
Different Strokes Dragon Boat Club

Other G&L boating club websites (around the world)
Pacific Rim Yacht Club (west coast)

Voile et Croisière en Liberté

Panteres Grogues (Yellow Panthers)

Sailing and Cruising Association (UK)

Barbary Coast Boating Club (San Francisco, CA)
Horizon Yacht Club (blue water cruising, southern CA)
Knickerbocker Sailing Association (New York, NY)
Olympic Yacht Club (Pacific Northwest)
Open Seas Yacht Club (Chesapeake Bay)
Outboating Sailing and Cruising Club (South Florida, informal group taking over from disbanded SAA of Ft Lauderdale, FL)
Potomac Rainbow Cruisers (powerboating group, Potomac River, mid-Atlantic coast)
Rainbow Spinnakers (Washington, DC)
San Francisco Sailing Team (San Francisco, CA)
Yankee Cruising (Boston, MA)

Gay and Lesbian Organisation for Racing and Yachting (GLORY)