The Club was originally mooted in early 1991 by a group of regular  yachties who got together whilst anchored off one of the beautiful  beaches in Sydney Harbour. A few keen boaties decided to seriously try  to start an Australian gay sailing club. The Sydney Star Observer agreed  to print an article on the proposal, and invited interested men and  women to attend our inaugural meeting at the Unicorn Hotel in  Paddington, on the first Friday in July, 1991. This proved a great  success and since then the Club has become properly structured with our  own Commodore and committee members. This committee meets regularly to  look after the general business of the Club as well as to organise and  oversee events. We encourage input from all our members to helping us  organise new events, trips away, and socialising.

We  have been successful in becoming affiliated with the Yachting  Association of NSW. We believe we are the first openly gay sporting  association to be recognised (at least in Australia) by its controlling  sports body.

One of our main events is the Annual Mardi Gras Regatta, which we now run  in Elliott 6.0s (3-person keelboats) hired from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s Youth  Sailing Academy.

First run with only four S80 yachts in 1992, this event has grown to  be very popular, winning Mardi Gras “Best Sporting Event” award in 1997.  Partly because of the success of this event, sailing was accepted as a  new sport for the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney, an event hosted by the ASCC.

The club membership is about 25% women, including several boat owners and committee members. About 25% of the membership are boat owners.