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2022 Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong (Sailing!)

While the ASCC does not regularly run yacht-racing, many of our members either currently do with other clubs or have done so in the past. ASCC was fundamental to Sailing being added in 2002 to the 4-yearly Gay Games, organised through the Federation of Gay Games, and ASCC members have participated in all games since then.

The next Gay Games also includes Sailing. While which specific types of sailing (e.g. with and without spinnaker, centreboard or keelboats, windsurfing perhaps) have not yet been detailed by the host city, the near proximity as the first GG in Asia means this is a great opportunity for those with enough experience and interest to be involved. In past GG events, there have been both competitive (with spinnaker) and non-competitive classes, so this is likely to remain. More information will be posted as it becomes available, but some is already on the event’s own website